Galaksion Ad Network – What Publisher and Advertisers Should Know

Galaksion Ad Network is an online Ad network that brings together publishers and advertisers across the globe. The Galaksion Ad Network gives publishers a wide variety of options to monetize their website's traffic at the most competitive prices available.

Galaksion Ad Network is among the top alternative to the other advertising networks that offer lower rates.

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The business's approach is based on the brand name: Galaksion.

Galaksion is Esperanto, meaning Galaxy and the last "n" in the name Galaksion signifies network. It is a sign that the network is globally based. The staff of the company is well skilled and knowledgeable in working with advertisers and webmasters from Europe as well as the United States, the United Kingdom, South America, Russia, Canada, India and many other areas of the globe.

The Galaksion Ad Network offers publishers an array of methods for monetizing traffic such as CPA, CPL, eCPM, CPM, CPC, CPD, CPI, CPS and numerous others. Galaksion Ad Network strength is its media ads that are placed on websites.

The most notable illustrations from Galaksion media ads are pop-ups and popunders as well as screensavers, interstitial ads slidesavers, screen-splash banners, slide banners with text running, and video advertisements.

Publishers also can take advantage of various sizes of static, animated horizontal, vertical and horizontal banners. Popular sizes include 300x250 600x200 728x90, 240x400 468x60 and 160x600 to name some.

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The benefits of working Galaksion Ad Network as Publisher

Publishers can gain a lot from working with Galaksion as Galaksion is constantly at the forefront of technological advancement.

Their motto is improvement in efficiency by innovating. The company is focused on identifying the best deals for publishers based on a thorough analysis of the strategies and methods of placement.

They also offer targeted advertising models using a variety of techniques, including geographic location and cookies analysis, geographic targetting of locations and more.

Galaksion Ad Network provides:

  • In-depth analysis of control and statistical data. The company's system permits publishers to alter the settings of their banners in a simple and quick method. As a publisher, you can remove or change banners and even alter your banner's frequency of exposure whenever you'd like through your account.
  • It is the latest and most sophisticated technique for targeting. The company is constantly improving its targeting settings to ensure that advertisers reach the best people for the greatest results.
  • The ideal optimization of multiple advertising websites. The firm relies on precise parameters to find the best target audience for its advertisements.

One of the greatest features of this site is that there aren't particular requirements for joining as an editor. All publishers are welcome.

As an applicant, you do not have to satisfy any specific requirements for traffic to become an active member. But, your site is examined to make sure that it doesn't host illegal content like pornography, hacking, spamming, or any other offensive content. Also, your website must not have been previously subject to copyright law violations.

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Like all advertising networks, Galaksion publishers too are restricted from engaging in non-professional actions, such as clicking on their advertisements, asking others to click on their ads by using bots, or any software to manipulate clicks, as well as the use of PTC and traffic exchange websites to offer false traffic.

In exchange for providing top-quality real-time traffic and conversions to the network, publishers are paid an ongoing, reliable income stream.

Every publisher also benefits from having the most reliable and transparent accounting and tracking system in the business with 24/7 support and efficient advertising material management systems.

Galaksion Ad Network Rating is 4/5

Publisher Like it for: Global reach, an extensive range of monetization options for traffic, good customer service, and a high payout rate.

Publishers don't like it for: The high minimum threshold for payments of EUR100.

Conditions to become a part of Galaksion as Publisher.

  • Publisher terms:
  • Traffic Minimum: None
  • Language requirement for publishers: Mainly English; however, they are accepted since it is an international network that supports all languages.
  • Prohibited content: Website owners are not allowed to place advertisements for the network on sites with an adult (pornographic) or indecent, defamatory or illegal content. Sites that promote hatred or discrimination, encourage the selling of illegal drugs and firearms or promote illegal activity are prohibited.

You can learn more about the company's terms and conditions for publishers at

Galaksion Company Stats

  • Galaksion Ad Network Homepage:
  • Program Founded In 2014
  • Employee Total: 51-200 employees as of November 16, 2016
  • Galaksion Ad Network Ownership: Private
  • Profiles: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+

Galaksion Advertising Formats

Galaksion offers ads across the globe to a variety of different advertisers.

Their primary goal is to work with these formats:

  1. CPM
  2. CPC
  3. POP
  4. CPA

This company offers many different options for advertising, including those listed below:

  1. Screen saver or splash screen - It actually is done by showing a preliminary page that displays an advertisement prior to the page load. The screensaver is automatically changed to the main page within a very brief period.
  2. Pop-up - This is an advertisement that pops in a different window above the one that's already open.
  3. Branding - Pages with branding advertisements alter in accordance with the corporate style for the brand. This is extremely effective in creating recognition and brand awareness.
  4. Superstitials - They differ from interstitial ads because they are of greater quality of images. The ads are also fully loaded before it's even displayed.
  5. Slide banner - An advertisement appears up in the lower right corner of the viewer's view. It is easily removed by clicking the "X" button.
  6. Video ads - It's basically a video that shows a small preview of the advertisement before the entire movie or music video begins to play.
  7. Interstitial -  These advertisements are shown for a brief interval between the moment an individual requests information until the time the data is loaded. They are typically not visible to users until they shut or minimize the window they are looking at.
  8. Popunder - This is an advertisement that is displayed beneath the window you're watching.
  9. Sponsored links - These are simply hidden links that are hidden in the other button and title.

The Galaksion Ad Network offers a variety of static, animated, horizontal and vertical banners. They're also willing to take your suggestions on any other advertisement that you think would complement your website or with the kind of traffic that you send to your site.

The best thing about Galaksion is the high proportion of publishers' money through referrals. While many networks offer an average of 5% referral income, Galaksion offers 7 %.

Galaksion Publisher Reporting and Admin Control Panel

Galaksion Publisher Reporting and Admin Control Panel Rating: 4 out of 5

  1. Control panel: The control panel of Galaksion is easy to master and use. It's very intuitive even for first-time users of the dashboards of publishers. Your account manager will always be available to help with any unclear problem, such as making banner sizes or other essential widgets. The admin panel contains almost everything you require to start using Galaksion.
  2. Reporting The system for reporting in Galaksion is constantly updated and is extremely precise. Galaxian is a company that focuses its focus on providing simple, easy understand and transparent reports through its reliable systems that provide every detail of your experiences of clicks, clicks, conversions and more.

Offer Tracking

Galaksion uses Zotto, HasOffers, and Post Affiliate Pro technology to monitor deals.

Galaksion Payment

Galaksion payment rating: 3 out of 5

  • Payment Methods Available: eWallets, bank transfers, Paypal, Visa and MasterCard
  • Payment Terms: Weekly or monthly
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: EUR100

The main drawback of Galaksion's payout is the excessive minimum payout threshold of EUR100, and many different networks offer a lower minimum threshold of either $20 or $50. However, for serious publishers, this shouldn't be a problem in any way.

Galaksion Account Help and Support

Galaksion Account Help Rating: 4 out of 5.

Galaksion offers publishers 24/7 support via phone and email. Publishers also get personal account managers who can assist in any query or problem they might face. The support team is always available and responds to queries from publishers in the shortest amount of time. The only issue is the absence of an extensive knowledge base on which publishers can quickly find answers to a few of the frequently asked questions.

Galaksion Ad Network, Galaksion Publisher, Galaksion Advertisers

How Publishers See the Ad Network

While it has been relatively brand new in the world of advertising since its beginning on the market in 2014, Galaksion is making huge progress in connecting advertisers to publishers from around the globe.

Galaksion is a business with the ability to reach across the globe. It is easy to determine how popular the website has grown by the number of views it receives. For example, Galaksion gets over 18 billion page views per month, has an average of 260,000 monthly conversions and boasts more than 14000 active campaigns each month.

The company offers a variety of advantages to publishers, including an enormous selection of advertisers that offer the most attractive deals and payment options in the market with a broad selection of offers that are based on traffic, extremely profitable options for traffic monetization and timely payments made according to your own schedule whether it's monthly or weekly.

Advertisers also gain from working with Galaksion in numerous ways. For instance, the company has an exclusive self-designing platform that gives advertisers access to top quality traffic, a broad selection of publishers worldwide with exclusive sites to showcase your own ads, professional and knowledgeable managers, and more than 30 different types of traffic sources with high-quality and targeted.

The business is based in Scotland but is not restricted by the borders. They can help you earn revenue from your traffic, regardless of where you reside. They are a prominent presence throughout the world.

Galaksion's management team is always ready to connect with clients in twelve languages. They have offices all over the world, with particular attention to markets like the American, Canadian, CIS, Russian, European, UK, Indian, and Latin American markets. The company's goal is to facilitate seamless communications with customers from all across the globe and ensure that your business is successful.

Galaksion offers publishers many different ways to monetize traffic, including CPA, CPL, eCPM, CPM, CPC, CPD, CPI, CPS and numerous others. The firm's forte is its media ads that are placed on websites. The most notable instances from Galaksion media ads are Popunders and pop-ups interstitial ads screensavers, slide banners running text, splash screens and video ads.

Publishers can also make use of various sizes of static, animated horizontal, and vertical banners. The most sought-after sizes include 300x250 600x200 728x90, 240x400, 240x400 160x600, and 468x60 to name just a few. Their latest invention includes a banner that auto adapts to the size you'd like. This technology gives publishers the freedom from cookie-cutter templates that have limited banner sizes.

The main benefits of working with Galaksion are the constant income from the traffic you typically bring to your site with 24/7 assistance for when you encounter problems, a precise and transparent accounting system, and the top materials management systems for ads in the advertising industry. Additionally, you have direct access to advertisers as well as an extensive selection of deals.

The Pros:

  • The network offers the lowest rates in the market.
  • No required minimum traffic to be a member
  • They offer publishers different formats for advertising.
  • As a publisher, you are in charge of the advertisements that show on your website.
  • They are equipped with precise time-based reporting systems.
  • Timely payments
  • A 24 hour active and committed support team

The Cons:

  • A very high minimum payout threshold of 100 euros. Small publishers might require a lengthy time to receive their first instalment.
  • Incomplete PayPal payment option that is widely used by most publishers worldwide.


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Galaksion ads FAQ's

Who is Galaksion Suitable For?

Galaksion is a fantastic way to generate revenue for your site and is ideal for:

  • Small site, yet receives a lot of traffic
  • Website that has lots of traffic, but Google Adsense rejected it
  • Website that receives a lot of traffic and is seeking to boost ad revenue by combing Galaksion and another ad-network

How do I meet the Galaksion publishing requirements for publishers?

There aren't any traffic minimum conditions for publishers applying to Galaksion.

What are the Galaksion ads formats?

Galaksion provides a variety of advertising formats for advertisers like display banners pop-ups, popunders, pop-ups tab-under, direct hyperlinks, offer-walls, sliders and interstitial and instream all-roll.

What's the Galaksion Minimum Payment amount?

Galaksion provides its authors with the possibility of a EUR100 EUR threshold for payment.

What is the Galaksion Payment methods?

Galaksion provides payment options of bank transfers, eWallets, Visa and MasterCard.

Final thoughts

Galaksion Advertising Network is a Fast-growing ad network that is working better every day to make sure advertisers reap the benefits of their advertising budgets and publishers make money from their promotions.

It is a global network that is suitable to serve American, Canadian, CIS, Russian, European, UK, Indian, and Latin American markets. It's easy to sign up as a publisher, and they offer an extremely active support system.

The only drawback you'll have to accept in the absence of a PayPal payment option and the extremely high limit on payouts of EUR100. In other words, it's an excellent platform to earn money from your website's traffic.

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