BasicFacebook– Facebook Basics for Dummies

Facebook is generally regarded by many as one of the most well-known social media platforms, which isn't expected to decrease anytime soon. In reality, Facebook is the third most visited website worldwide, following Google as well as YouTube.

If you're looking to begin using Facebook and take advantage of the benefits of social networking, We've got everything covered in this BasicFacebook piece.

 In this thorough Facebook guide, we'll guide you on how to start and get used to Facebook with simple step-by-step instructions.

Below are Facebook fundamentals that every marketer must be aware of. When you're finished, you'll be mindful of Status updates on Facebook, friends and statuses, videos and photos, and much more.


BasicFacebook, Basic Facebook, Basic Facebook

Sign up to Facebook

The process of signing up for Facebook is easy.

The first step is signing to create an account on a Facebook account, and it's pretty easy. Facebook makes it simple to start.

Go to Facebook's main page and fill out the fields required. You'll be asked to fill in the first and last name along with your email address or mobile number, gender, and birthdate.

You'll also be required to select an account password.

Set Your Privacy

One of the primary essentials of Facebook is to be secure. Once you've set up your new profile, you'll be able to alter the privacy setting. This will limit who can access your profile as well as the Information you provide.

To modify these settings, simply click" Options Options.

Click on the" privacy' option and alter your settings in the manner you like. You also have the option of controlling how other people can find you and get in touch with you via Facebook.

It is important to take care of the privacy setting on a well-known platform.


Personalize Your Profile

This is among the most fun Facebook basic features that must be recognized. It lets you try your hand at being innovative.

The likelihood of sharing your name with another person on Facebook is extremely high. This is why you need to personalize your profile.

If you've created a personalized profile, relatives and friends will discover your profile with no effort.

You can also add your profile photo, cover photo, and personal details like where you live and what you do for fun.

Make Updates to Your Facebook Profile

If you wish to change your profile, it is possible to do so in the future. Just go to the About section on your profile. There, you will be able to complete more details about yourself. You can also include your education level, your job title, and much more.

A well-detailed profile can make it easier for your Facebook followers and friends to locate your profile.

Select a Facebook Profile Image

When you choose a profile photo, it is possible to select the one you've been tagged Facebook Facebook or one you've previously uploaded.

You can also select an image you recently snapped on your Phone and then add a frame to the photo you choose to frame. When you're looking for Facebook fundamentals, the following should not be left out. The photo you choose is going to be associated with the company, so ensure it's the best one.

Select a Facebook Cover Photo


You can choose your cover photo the same way that you choose your profile picture. Getting your images to appear suitable can require some experimentation. Look over the Instagram image dimensions article for a more comprehensive guide to getting your image sizes right.


The Timeline of Facebook

Your timeline on your Facebook is a 'log' of your activity in backward-chronological order. You'll be able to view the media you have uploaded along with status and updates to your profile on the timeline.

The photos your buddies tagged you will appear here.

Public Facebook Page

Facebook users can Facebook users to be a part of pages of public interest and receive notifications about their activities. The pages could be those of celebrities or sports teams, bands, as well as other public individuals.

You can look up your favorite singers, movies, and shows and then follow them. One warning: make sure that the account is authenticated. Many people create fake accounts for celebrities and you could be on the wrong website if you do not check.

If you like an account, you'll be able to see their latest updates on the news feed of Facebook.

Facebook Posting

Making posts via Facebook is considered to be one of Facebook's best features.

This is just one of the many exciting features of Facebook posting content you'd like to share with family and friends.

You can inform everyone about what's happening in your world.

To publish your Facebook status, simply use the text box on in the upper right corner of the feed page or your profile page.

You can share text using various backgrounds video, stickers or photos, and even share hyperlinks here.

It's also possible to communicate your thoughts and activities. Additionally, you can "check-in" to inform everyone about the places you'll be eating or spending your time during the holiday.

Facebook lets you tag your friends when you've had time with them. It is also possible to tag your events when you're having fun at large gatherings.

Basic Facebook Friends Tips

The purpose of Facebook is to stay in touch with your loved ones, regardless of where they reside. There are many ways to connect with your friends. You can conduct a search to find them, import an email (or Phone or iCloud) contacts list, or search for friends using the 'Find Friends tab.

For the second option, click on the option 'Find Friends. You'll see an array of people who might be friends with you. It is based on details like your address and the friends you've added to your list.


FacebookBasic, BasicFacebook Login

Other Basic Facebook features

Facebook Recommendations:

 People on Facebook for their advice on everything.


Facebook Support for non-profits:

Choose an organization that you wish to help and post the status. Friends on Facebook can make donations to the charity.



Questions on Facebook let you ask questions and provide answers to other users" questionnaires.

Facebook Stories:

You can post everything you have on your Facebook story. You can also view the videos shared with your Facebook friends. Look over this article to learn more about Facebook Stories.

Lists You can make your own list of themes that you can share with loved ones.

Facebook Videos and Photos:

Facebook allows users to publish all kinds of content, including videos and images. It also lets you post live broadcasts as well as albums.

To upload your photos, visit your profile, click your ' Pictures' tab, then select ' Add Photo/Video'. You can upload your media directly from your computer.

You can also make albums that include videos and photos by selecting" Make Album option. Select the type of media you would like to include in your albums. While this is just one of several Facebook fundamentals that you are able to play with, make sure you be mindful of quality.

Never share that's not of the top quality.

Facebook Newsfeed:


Your Newsfeed is exclusive to your personal page. There will be posts from friends and loved pages Facebook thinks you'll enjoy. Additionally, you'll be exposed to ads from brands you may be considering or supporting.

You can change the way your feed looks by changing your preferences. Choose from the Options' Menu, then select" Newspaper Feeds Preference option. You can select which content you first see and more.

You can easily customize the News Feed.

Basic Facebook Going Live Tips


Facebook Live is a creative method of sharing videos.

This interesting feature lets users send live broadcasts to their acquaintances. Simply select the 'Share Live video option on" "What's up with you?' button.

When you select this option, you'll have the option to create a description of your broadcast, add the feeling or activity you want to convey, and then tag the individuals. You can also include an option to poll people and also help a non-profit organization.

After you've described your broadcast, click ' Go Live to record.

A few Facebook users love streaming their gaming sessions or live music.

Connecting To Facebook

We'll now move on to more in-depth Facebook fundamentals...

As this Platform focuses on connecting people, there are various ways to achieve this.

You can view the latest posts of your Facebook Friends on the timeline, and you can interact with them. Facebook lets you respond to posts and even comment on them.

It is also possible to share the articles you enjoy the most. If you're in the mood, you can also share content and posts on your friends' timelines.

The well-known thumbs-up 'like' of Facebook is a way to show your appreciation of the post. You may also "love" the post or even laugh at it: Express anger, amazement, sadness, and affection.


Facebook Status

No Facebook instruction or tutorial will be complete without talking about the importance of a status update. They are the most popular types of posts available on the site.

You can change your status by entering the box asking, 'What's going through your head? What's on your mind?' Many Facebook users consider it an easy way to let everyone know what's going on with their daily lives.

Status updates are brief and short and may even be ambiguous. A lot of Facebook users are fond of sharing inspirational quotes like this.

It is possible to believe that status updates are not that important, but they can provide a great insight into the person you are. They can be used to showcase how innovative you are or even to start a conversation with friends on Facebook. 

Facebook Basic Tips for Messenger


Facebook allows users to navigate their menus to find Messenger.

Facebook's chat feature focuses on sending messages and updates to users. You can download the app, too, in order to keep in touch with your contacts, but not using Facebook, its own Platform.

To send a text message on Messenger to send a message, simply click on the " Messenger Messages " icon on any page you're on or go to ' Home' and then click to open Messenger. Messenger icon.

It is possible to create group chats that include a small number of participants by choosing the ' "New Group option; what the name for your Group will be up to you, along with the people in the Group.

Sharing images or stickers, emojis, GIFs, and videos is possible by messaging via Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Calls

Facebook allows you to make calls using video or voice calls through Messenger. This is great to meet with your colleagues or potential customers or partners. Be aware that you should remain professional in all situations, even when you are on a social media platform that seems informal. 


Additional Facebook Basic Features

There are more options on the Platform that can entertain users. Keep in mind the ' Events page. It displays events that are very popular among your peers. The page also lists events organized by the groups you belong to.

There is also easy access to groups you are in charge of and are a part of. You will also find ideas for groups Facebook believes you would like.

Facebook Games:

Facebook provides a huge variety of online games which are extremely well-known. Many of them are suitably played by one person, but a lot of games can be played with other players. We wouldn't advise you to spend too much time with this feature.

Facebook with Marketplace:

Facebook with Marketplace, Facebook Marketplace is an excellent platform to sell or buy items.

If you're looking to purchase local and sell your items, you may want to make the most of Facebook's Marketplace.

You can look for almost anything from pet food to accommodations and even vehicles to buy.

After you've learned the Facebook fundamentals, We'll dive into a deeper discussion. We'll go over ways to block individuals, unblock groups, and completely delete Facebook in the event that you wish to.

The marketplace can also be a good option to help those on Facebook selling products.

BasicFacebook Tips for Changing Your Name

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

There are many reasons Facebook users might want to change their names. Perhaps you aren't happy with the name you picked when you were a teenager, or perhaps you were married. Maybe your name does not fit your Facebook profile or your appearance any longer.

No matter the cause, Facebook allows you to make the necessary adjustments.

Remember that you can only change your Facebook name a couple of times, so take your chance carefully. It's not entirely certain how many times 'a few times' actually is.

Be aware that you're not permitted to create pseudonymous names on Facebook or use any other fake names.

The use of symbols and numbers is not considered acceptable as names on the Platform as are offensive words, titles, or inappropriate words. Keep in mind that your Facebook acquaintances will see your brand new name.


Additionally, Facebook doesn't recognize certain characters or punctuation marks.

Now you know what you should avoid when you decide to alter your Facebook name, we'll look into the process of changing your Facebook username.

·      The First Step

First, ensure that you're logged in to your account. Next, click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on " Settings" for access to the General Account Settings.

·      Step 2

Then, select the" edit' option beside your name. Then, you can input the names you would like to be used. Facebook is going to remind you of the fact that you may select a new name after 60 days, so be sure that you've got your spelling correct.

You may also select another name.

·      Third Step

When you are pleased by the name that you have selected, click ' Review Change to confirm the name, then make sure you enter the password.

This will stop sly acquaintances from changing the name of your account to SomeoneSomeone ridiculous in the event that you forget to check your Facebook account is accessible whenever they're in the area.

·      Step Four

Select ' Save Changes.' It will take around a week before the changes are in effect.

That's it!


How can I change my name on Facebook?

The Facebook app is incredibly well-known.

If you're unable to access Facebook on your desktop, you can change your name by using the application on your Phone, tablet, or iPad. Tablet.

The process is relatively easy.

·      The First Step

Install the Facebook app and sign in to your Facebook account.

·      Second Step

Click on the Menu (usually at the right-hand part of your display). It appears to be three bars.

·      The Third Step

Select then the settings and privacy menu option. Once inside the Menu, go to ' Account Settings Select the 'General' option. General option.

·      Step Four

Your personal Information is on display now, and you can access everything from this. Select your name, and you'll see the 'Change Name option.

·      The Fift Step

Change your names in the way you'd like to. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines. You can also modify your name to be specific to a particular language here. A name in a specific language is Facebook's name translated into a different language.

·      Step Six

Once you've done everything you'd like to change, click ' Review Change Select the option to display that is pertinent to your situation. Enter your Facebook password to continue.

·      The Seventh Step

Then, choose the" save changes option, and you're done. It could be up to 24 hours until the name changes, however.

How Can You Change your name on Facebook with iPhone?

If you aren't able to access Facebook on your desktop, however, you can change your name with the app for your smartphone, iPad, or tablet.

The process of changing your name for a name change on Facebook is relatively simple to do from your smartphone.

Below are some steps.

The First Step

Start the app, and then log into your account. Tap the hamburger's bottom left icon. It should look like three horizontal lines.

Second Step

After that, scroll down into ' Settings and Privacy Then, tap ' Settings' and select 'Personal Information. 


Personal Information.

Third Step

Now, you can access your account details and tap your name to access an option to change name Setting.

Step Four

Select the new name you would like to display on your Facebook. Click 'Save.' Save to save the changes, and they are permanent. Be aware that it could take a few days before you notice the new name.

Why can't I change My Name on Facebook?

If you're struggling with altering your personal name, or even the title on the profile, there may be a number of reasons for this.

You may not comply with Facebook's name policy or that you've changed your name within the past 60 days. 

Check to ensure that your name doesn't violate any rules and does not contain any characters or symbols.

In addition, if you're changing your name too often, Facebook will notice and take action to stop it.

 It's likely that the name you're using isn't in line with the name in the ID lists of Facebook.

Your used ID is only an assortment of numbers that are linked to your account. If a new account has been made, it will be assigned a brand new ID.


When the Platform discovers you've changed your name too frequently, you could be required to wait for 120 days before attempting to retry.

If you're also changing your name too often, Facebook will notice and end the Change. 

There's also a chance that the name you're using isn't in line with the name on Facebook's ID listing. 

If none of these suggestions above answers your questions, you should contact Facebook.

You could complete a form to ask for an amendment to your name.

Fundamentals of Facebook - What's the Best Way to Block or Unblock

Blocking anyone on Facebook is quite simple.

Final thoughts on Facebook Basics

Here's an in-depth guide on how to make use of Facebook. You can now benefit from the hugely popular social media site with an understanding of the basics.

Now you are aware of how to remove Someone'sSomeone's block on Facebook, How to remove the Facebook group or change your username on Facebook or delete the Facebook page, and many more.

You can claim that you have mastered the Facebook fundamentals and 'how to use Facebook.' You can now allow you to be a master of Facebook and all of its features.

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