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 The Cloud of Daggers 5e is an essential spell that some wizards taught. These daggers could rip apart everything but be weak enough to allow for marginal damage from more powerful enemies. 

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This piece covers;

·      Introduction to Cloud of Daggers 5e

·      How does Cloud of Daggers 5e work?

·      A Cloud of Daggers Magical Damage.

·      How long does Cloud of Daggers 5e last

·      Can You Move the Cloud of Daggers 5e?

·      How many opponents could I hit with a cloud full of daggers?

·      How do you calculate the damage to the cloud of daggers?

·      Is a cloud full of daggers capable of hitting an auto-hit?

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Introduction to Cloud of Daggers 5e

After casting the wizards, the cloud of daggers formed a cloud of small, flying daggers of force. It measured approximately five feet by fifty feet.

It is dangerous to venture into a cloud full of daggers. However, a wizard who has achieved extraordinary power can fold it twice. The cloud was only there for a brief time, at most, but the wizard could easily release it at will.

The post-sundering version of the spell was very similar, but it would have been more powerful if used at a higher level spell level. This edition of the wizard could also be used.

The wizard could be placed within a radius up to 90 feet. The cloud of daggers is a strong magical disadvantage at its level. However, it can be enhanced. 4d4 is damaged when a creature approaches space if it reaches a circle.


How does Cloud of Daggers 5e work?

The atmosphere is created by spinning daggers placed in a cube five feet long on each side. They are centered at a point within your range. Once a creature enters the spell's location for the first shot or starts its turn there, it receives 4d4 slashing damage. You create an area of magical daggers around you to damage your opponent.

Clouds of daggers 5e - if it turns into a dagger cloud, despite saving the save (20 damage normally).

Higher Levels

  • Casting Time: 01 Action
  • Author: Player's Handbook (5e)
  • Level: 2+
  • Duration: 0 Minute
  • Range: 60 Feet
  • School: Conjuration
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Requirements Materials: A Silver of Glass
  • Scales: Yes
  • Class: Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock
  • Sub-classes: Eldritch Knight Fighter, Arcane Trickster Rogue


A Cloud of Daggers Magical Damage.

They are slashing magic, assuming 5e. Unless otherwise stated, all harm caused directly by spells is magical.

5e does not make any distinction, other than to say that magic bludgeoning, smashing, or piercing can be distinguished from non-magical.

Non-magical creatures would not be able to withstand the torch's power, as D&D does not deal directly with magical or non-magical energies.

A spell can cause indirect, and therefore theoretically, not-magical damage. Consider a summoned Wolf's bite attack or a forest fire lit by a fireball spell.

The DM can decide if the cloud of daggers has been magically damaged.

One might consider leniency, considering that it is one of the few powerful spells of the bard. It's possible to decide not to use it.


Many spells are already magic enough, and magic things can be magically done too soon. The decision to leave it vague is up to the DM. This is a matter that there's no clear rule.

Cloud of Daggers clearly states the spell's 4d4 slashing and duration. These effects last for their duration.

It is, therefore, logically magical damage as it is directly caused by magic. The Fireball caused magic damage to the fire, but the resulting flame did not. Because the spell lasts for an instant, the magic is instantly dispersed.

How long does Cloud of Daggers 5e last

The cloud can last up to one minute and is used to indicate the damage of 4d4. The damage of 4d4 applies to every creature, and each time it happens. You can't cast the spell once and inflict the same damage on the affected creature each time it causes damage. Instead, you only need to roll once for each damage occurrence.


This applies to almost all damage-dealing strategies. This means that it does not take harm when it starts there or moves to the cloud.

It's possible to enter the cloud once, do your harm, quit, and re-enter its next phase. You wouldn't take any damage if it didn't on a turn because that's not the first time you have reached the cloud. The phrase "On a Turn" clarifies the damage that can be done but does not suggest any outside routes to get into the cloud.

Top four questions and answers about the Cloud of Daggers


How can you move the cloud 5e of daggers?

You cannot. The main principle of 5e states that spells can only do what they state. This is because the spell doesn't say you can change it. You can still cast it again to target a different position.


How Many opponents can I hit using a cloud full of daggers?

If you don't use a grid, a 5'cube will typically have one target. DMG249 provides suggestions for the number of hits within a particular region of effect. This value is one objective for a five-cube. "If opponents stand shoulder-to-shoulder, it comes under the "add or removes goals on the basis of how bunched they are." Nonetheless, the GM is calling for justice.


If you are using a grid, it may be one or two points. DMG251 says that you should choose an overlap of squares/hexes as your origin. This means that with a 5' cube (with 1/4 of each square in the cube), you can overlap no more than four 5' squares.


If you are using a grid, it may be one or two points. DMG251 says that you should choose an overlap of squares/hexes as your origin. This means that you can only overlap four 5' squares with a 5' cube (with 1/4 of each square being a cube).


It states that it will impact a square if it occupies more than half of the area in the case of a circular impact. Although cubes are not spherical in nature, I believe that two adjacent squares of 5' can be affected by a maximum 5'cube.


Do your casts cause damage to the cloud of daggers?


Some spells and other game features create an area of impact. This area does something when a creature, either for the first time on a turn or when it begins its turn within that area.

This spell is intended to cause harm to your enemies in the future. Except for a spell that says otherwise, you should not join such an area of effect unless it is mandatory. You can throw a creature into the field with a thunder wave spell-like.


Is a cloud full of daggers capable of hitting an auto-hit?

It does not instantly cause harm, but it does deal damage once the opponent starts its turn. The cloud is a 5-foot cube of spinning daggers. However, it is stationary and not moving. Everyone who participates in the cloud's turn takes 4d4 damage immediately.

There is no roll to hit, no saving throw, and no roll to hit. This is similar to the Magic Missile harming with no throw to hit nor save. It causes immediate harm if placed on a square with an opponent.



This article covered all the important sections and explanations about the cloud of daggers 5.e.

You are filling the air with spinning daggers within a 5-foot radius. The creature can do 4d4 damage if it enters the spell's area for the first time or starts.

Some wizards were able to learn the cloud of daggers easily. The wizard's cloud made a small cloud of flying daggers that flew within 50 feet of the caster. 

Although they could easily slash anything in their path, these daggers were strong enough to cause minor injuries to more powerful foes. Although the cloud was only there for a short time, it could be removed at will.

The risks of getting into a cloud full of daggers double if a wizard grows to extraordinary power.

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
  • Scales: Yes
  • Casters: Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Although the post-sundering spell is similar, it may be even more powerful if it was used at a higher level. This version was not restricted to wizards and can be cast at a range of 90 feet.

The air is filled with spinning daggers. It's 5 feet across and centered at the extent that you choose within your range. When a creature enters the spell's zone for the first time during a turn or begins its turn there, it takes 4d4 slashing injury.


Higher levels. Cast this spell with a spell slot at the 3rd or higher level. The damage is increased by 2d4 for each slot level above 2.

Cloud of daggers (5e), spells require that you just keep your magic active. If you lose your concentration, spells at the top may help. If spells require focus, then the actual facts will be displayed on the duration entry. You can use spells to tell how long it takes. You don't need to take any action in order to reach the peak of concentration.


Cloud of Daggers is a simple spell. The bard, wizard, sorcerer, and warlock have the ability to discover it (as well as the arcane trickster and Eldritch knight). It was first introduced in 4th Edition as a 1st-level spell. Later, 5E made it the 2nd level spell.


 It's treated in the same way as other spells its level. However, the reputation it has is not just flat damage.

Cloud of Daggers 5e is a well-known spell that can be used to destroy lesser creatures or fling stronger ones alive using the multitude of spinning daggers that fill up the air. This spell will allow you to describe in detail how your enemies explode into bloody bits of bone and viscera.

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